The new video is done!

Some of you now know I have been working on a video for some time. I ended up using clips from movies, other online video and even some of my own cinematography. It took a while and here it is. It showcases the more esoteric side of Freemasonry and I hope you enjoy it. It will only be available on Vimeo because of YouTube licensing issues. In addition I feel it necessary to mention that I used a very very short clip from Culver City Lodges video and I have tried to reach them for some time about usage. But I have heard nothing. So I decided to put it up. If Culver City Lodge decides at any time that they do not want to allow it for what ever reason, I will most certainly abide and take the video down and I will re-upload after I shoot a similar sequence. Thanks for checking it out! If the above link doesn't work, the website should have a working version at the top of the page.


  1. I found the video very inspiring
    thank you for the great video Brother Johnson


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