Appearances on other Shows

The Leak Project  - January 2016

Robert H. Johnson along with the Masonic Roundtable on "The Leak Project". It was an interesting time on the show for sure and while the brothers of TMR were caught off guard with some of the questioning, there was some excellent and funny things said. Worth a listen.

Occult of Personality - March 2016

Robert Johnson and Frater O talk Freemasonry, esoterica and the state of the Fraternity with the "Esoteric Podcast Extraordinaire", himself, Bro. Greg Kaminsky. This one is broken into five parts. Kinks to the subsequent parts are all in the YouTube links.

Project Bring Me 2 Life! - November 2016

Robert Johnson is interviewed on the show about Freemasonry, its place in modern society and the Temple of Man.


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