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Limited Edition Lapel Pins!

The new Lapel Pins are now made exclusively by Edgar Alejandro of Masonic Revival. Higher quality, solid brass, 24k gold plating, hard-fired colored enamel and a strong butterfly clasp for the pin back are what make this one outstanding. All sales will be used to help us meet our funding goals which will allow us to bring you more Masonic content!

WCY Design

A quick rundown of the symbols

  • Triangle Shape - Alluding to Self, Spiritual and Material. It is also used to symbolize those first craft degrees. It is the outer triangle symbolizing the external.
  • Red Border - The color red was used to symbolize the Holy Royal Arch degree.
  • The words “Whence Came You?” are used in the ritual, and were the words on my mentor’s favorite bumper sticker. 
  • The Secondary Triangle - Symbolizing the internal, inside of which is contained all the other symbols and working tools. Inside man, are all the tools we need to rest our temporal building. 
  • The Square and Compasses - As in ritual. The square to square our actions and the compasses to circumscribe and keep us within due bounds. 
  • The Gavel - As in ritual. To break off the rough and superfluous parts of life. 
  • The Setting Maul - Reminds us that death is near at all times. Work diligently.
  • The Plumb Line - Reminds us of the rectitude of life and our actions. 
  • The All Seeing Eye - Reminds us of the ever watchful eye of the Creator. Also to the Minds Eye from which emanate the rays of light.
  • The Rays of Light - There are seven, each representing the seven liberal arts and sciences; Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. The rays emanate  from the All Seeing Eye or Minds Eye. Green is used because the color in Masonry is synonymous with Education. 
  • The Sprigs of Acacia - Symbolizes the perpetuation of life after death and the eternity of the soul.
  • The Cipher Symbols - The symbols of the Pig Pen Cipher translating into WCY

WCY Cuff Links

Featuring the same design as our other items, these are truly unique in that they are triangular in shape and are sure to catch attention. Solid brass and plated gold!


WCY Money Clip 

This solid money clip is definitely one of a kind and with only 25 available they won't be around long. Featuring the same design as the other items. 

WCY Tie Bar (Sold Out)

These tie bars are great! The clasp holds the tie and shirt together without wrinkling either. Solid brass and gold plated as our other items.


The Mason's Lady Car Decal!

These vinyl car decals are great quality, and are 5"x5" approximately. We're offering a presale to pay our production people and once we have product we will begin shipping. Extremely limited quaintly for the first run. Thanks for supporting!



It's Business Time - Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry
(Autographed by Robert Johnson)


Few books on the craft today offer logistical assistance on the operational lodge or its active officers. It’s Business Time aims to offer a fresh look at the best practices that the world of business has spawned over the last hundred years and to take these market-disrupting techniques and adapt them for use at the Lodge level. Just because Freemasonry isn't inherently a business doesn’t mean the organization can’t benefit from industry-proven best organizational practices. It's Business Time lays out these modern concepts, and their relevance to Freemasonry in an easy-to-understand guide. The work explores and adapts each concept for use across the organization, regardless of leadership level. If utilized appropriately, these concepts can be a powerful force multiplier in enabling Lodges to succeed in the modern era. 

"As someone with an MBA, I have long studied some of the best business practices and how to use these in organizations that I have been associated with. Brothers Johnson and Ruark have assembled some of the most innovative approaches used by successful companies and have illustrated how to adopt these for use in Freemasonry. This book is not about making Freemasonry a business, but rather applying these principals in building a successful lodge. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for new and innovative ideas."

Gregory J. Knott, PM, St. Joseph Lodge No. 970 (IL) Senior Contributor - Midnight Freemasons


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