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Daily Influences:
Servant Leaders
by Michael H. Shirley
Freemasonry Crosses
the Mississippi
by Steven Harrison

Love Me When I'm Gone
by Robert Patrick Lewis

Famous American
Freemasons Vol-1
by Todd E Creason
Famous American
Freemasons Vol-2
by Todd E Creason
A Freemason Said That?
by Todd E Creason
One Last Shot
by Todd E Creason
A Shot After Midnight
by Todd E Creason

Freemasonry in
Black & White
by Charles Harper Sr.

Steinbeck: Citizen Spy
by Brian Kannard

A Christian's Perspective on Masonic Symbols: The Square and Compasses(Kindle Edition)

Freemasons: Tales From The Craft [Kindle Edition]

The Craftsman's Symbology
by: Bro. Anthony  Mongelli Jr.


  1. Just finished The craftsman's zymology Some interesting points in there..

  2. How would you react if I told you there’s a job where you have to work 24/7? Well, there’s already someone who holds this position.mothers day


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