America's Book Of Secrets- The Freemasons

Wow, there are some great new speakers on behalf of the fraternity in this episode which is the newest freemasonic television special. On the flip side there are some rediculous conspiracy theories out there as well. I'd like to just tell everyone out there at the risk of exposing a Masonic secret, there is not 360 degrees of masonry. Oh wait! That's not a secret. There are 3 degrees, then 4-32 with an honorary 33rd if you join the Scottish Rite, and then 4-13 if you go York Rite. Nothing is higher than 3rd. The other degrees may impart more symbolic knowledge to you, but there is certainly no clout for added degrees. We are all slandered the same. And to that goof ball radio host Alex Jones, are you aware that the blue lodge (3rd degree master masons lodge) can suspend any member for non payment of dues? Which means, if there is an elite section of masons, they can be simply rejected from the fraternity by simply not sending us your yearly check. That sounds to me like no power at all. Anyway it was a good episode nonthless. Here is a clip to enjoy!


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