Whence Came You? - Episode 34

This week we have a few things. First we answer an email question and move on to two short pieces and finish it off with another famous Freemason segment. App extras are wallpaper for your mobile device and a PDF book that some of you have been waiting for, Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike. Thanks for listening and have a great week!


  1. Hi sir, i cant seem to find this particular episode in the itunes app. Its uploaded in podcast box but not n itunes. It jumped from 33 to 35 thanks.

    1. Franz, I believe I fixed the problem, Ill find out soon. Thanks so very much for bringing this to my attention. Apparently when I had a mix up the other week I had two episode 33s. I had to rename them and the sequence got a little messed up. Thanks again, and BTW, are you a lodge member? Thanks!

    2. Downloading ep 34 already. Thank u sir and God bless!

  2. Thank u for the reply sir. Not yet but i am studying by following your episodes and reading some materials from a mason friend. He's sort of my unofficial mentor/shepherd.


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