Whence Came You? - Episode 41

This week we read a short piece from the Knight Templar Magazine, we continue the new segment on The Grand Lodge Spot Light, We’ll take a look at a humorous news clipping and finish it up with a special Famous Freemason excerpt from Brother Todd E. Creason’s book, Famous American Freemasons. App extras include a mobile wallpaper and the Knights Templar Magazine May 2012 issue. Take care everyone, and thanks for listening!


  1. Good thing to know that MacArthur was made a mason in the Philippines and even brought masonry to japan via the philippines. Im working on my petition now after getting married

    1. Great news! Yes MacArthur was prety involved. Remember to make sure that your wife is "on board" family first, and make sure that your comfortable and settled. I can't tell you how many Brothers I know that have left the Lodge for years becasue their lives hadn't settled down yet. Be well and let me know as soon as you have your first degree!

  2. We've discussed about my desire and she supports me all the way. We even talked to a wife of a member so we can get insights on how it is to be a Traveler's wife. Thanks sir.


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