Stitcher Smart Radio - Were on it

I'd like to announce that we are now on Sticher Smart Radio. It's an app that lets you stream the show much like our android and podcast box but without the bonus features. If you follow this LINK , then you can go directly to our Stitcher page and download the app for any mobile device. When you register for free, use promo code whencecameyou and they send us $1.00 to support the show and it also automatically enters you for a chance to win $100.00 cash. It's an easy way to help out the show and it's also a great free way to stream the podcast. In addition to our show there are hundreds of other great podcasts and News programs, all for free. And remember to use the promo code whencecameyou so they know why your on Stitcher Smart Radio! So check it out and take care!


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