Some new stuff!

Well, next week we return with a new episode! Hope you all enjoy the new look of the website, not to worry though, just a fresh look. I wanted to share with you some neat things I received over the holiday season, as they are masonic and if you haven't guessed, I am a sucker for all things relating to Freemasonry. In the picture are a new 47th problem of Euclid tie bar, hand woven Masonic bookmark, and a set of silver and gold Templar coins Ill talk to you al next week, happy new year, and be responsible tonight!


  1. You got some nice goodies
    What really caught my eye was that bookmarker
    Did someone hand make that for you or can you buy those ?
    Happy New Year to you & yours Brother Robert

  2. The bookmark was from an online source and came from Turkey. Here is a link


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