Treasure Hunting!

Some of you know that I like to treasure hunt. And if your a Freemason, then you probably are the same. Since 2003 I have been Geocaching, and if you're unsure what it is, then I would direct your attention to But in short, you find things that people hide by latitude and longitudinal coordinates and you use a GPS to do it. Inside these little treasures is usually a log book and sometimes traceable items. The Scottish Rite SMJ, has a club called the Masonic Geocaching Society. Even though I am NMJ I still am a member of this group and recently purchased one of their custom trackable coins. For now it is in my possession but then next time I go out, I'll be leaving this beauty in the cache for someone else to find and log. Lets hope it makes it around the world. You can track its progress by going to and using the trackable code "TB2P47E". You will notice, I blacked out the trackable number so there is no fraudulent findings. If you geocache feel free to friend request your brother RJ. My user name on is....that's right, wcypodcast. Happy hunting!


  1. This is a very cool coin. As both a collector of "challenge coins", as well as a fellow hiker, geocacher, and everything outdoors; would you mind sharing how a person could attain one of the coins?
    Fr./ Kevin

    1. You can obtain one from the Masonic Geo Caching Society. Happy hunting and let me know if you have trouble finding it.


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