Whence Came You? - Episode 89

Join us this week as we talk to Brother Charles Harper 32° from the Living Stones Magazine about all things Masonic. We also wrap it up with a famous Freemason segment. App extras include a wallpaper only this week. Thanks again for listening and have a wonderful week!


  1. Am interested in the near future in Freemason, but am determined to convert vehicles to run on merkava and orgone forces using gravity vacuum coils such as the Rodin coil concept and the Joe cell however if I became a mason believe i Would be hung for doing so. Why can't mankind drive one side of the country to the other for free? There is poverty and suffering everywhere and people can barely afford to drive to work these days. It's also a one stop medical plan.

  2. Not sure I followed that. I can try and help you if you can be more clear.

    1. Using the vortex coils to quantum convert light rays into temporal plasma or spiral light in a sense. Then using ferromagnetic electromagnet tube's, egg's or hollow spheres to create a slight aether vacuum and internal opposing magnetism hence more scalar gravity. Once the temporal plasma is combined with the ether aka kundalini aka merkava forces then the light will crystallize especially onto say sand but not the ideal candidate if drinking. This would be refereed to as the ark of the covenant I believe in freemason lodges however prefer to call it a Light drive. As it winds up as a quantum rubber band it taps into a quantum vacuum supposedly that or an external source of power far away. Seek to continue the mission of Christ to insure this is the birthright of every child and end the power crisis. This is the Christians mission. However if Christ work would get in the way of being a Freemason...

  3. Bro Robert. Do you have the correct address for Bro Charles Harper Facebook website. (www.facebook.com/free masonry) does not work.
    Bro. Mark Rossignol
    Cotner Lodge #297
    Lincoln, NE

    1. Mark, here you go, sorry it took me a day. :)



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