The New Show!

The Masonic Roundtable

Hey everyone, it has been a bit hard to keep this under wraps, but a Brother recently pitched an idea, and we went for it. Bro Jon Ruark, a PM wanted to do a live Masonic show on Youtube where we talk about things going on in the fraternity today. No secrets, no politics, no religion and no swearing. We are upright and just, so that should put you at ease.

The shows will be aired live on Youtube on Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm Central time (assuming this schedule continues to work for all of us). Afterword they are available anytime via youtube. We may explore podcasting options later, but for now I hope you guys enjoy. We are using Google Hangouts to accomplish this, please feel free to comment etc. Episodes will almost always be capped at 30 minutes.

The main gents who will almost always be on, are Bro. Jon Ruark, Bro. Jason Richards, Bro. Juan Sepulveda and myself. I hope you all enjoy it. Here is the first episode.


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