Whence Came You? - Episode 145

Join us this week for an exclusive interview with the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago Dyslexia Center. It was a great time learning about this amazing charity and we were even blessed to have a parrent call in to talk about what it has done for her child!
We close the episode with a speciail reading by Bro. Brian Schimian of the Midnight Freemasons for Memorial Day. App extras are a wallpaper for your mobile device! Have a safe, memorable and honorable Memorial Day.

To donate directly to the Dyslexia Center walk, visit www.walkfordyslexia.org

To donate directly to the Children's Center for Dyslexia, visit www.cdcchicago.com

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  1. Dear Brother Robert - that was a great pray from Brother Brian on this episode. Do you know if it is publish on a web site? So it can be shared?
    Mark Rossignol
    Cotner Lodge #297
    Lincoln, NE

    1. Bro. Mark, here it is:

      Brave warriors, should fate find us in battle, May our cause be just. May our leaders have clear vision. May our courage not falter. May we be triumphant an earn victory as we show mercy to our enemies.

      May our efforts bring lasting peace. May our sacrifice be always appreciated by those we serve. May we return to our loved ones unharmed. Should we be harmed, may our wounds heal. Should we perish in the struggle, may God embrace us and find for us a place in His Kingdom.


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