Whence Came You? - Episode 184

This week we explore Solomon’s temple in a great paper from the Illinois Lodge of Research! In addition Bro. Matt Chojnacki is back with the Esoteric Freemason Minute, and if you've ever asked yourself, "What's the meaning of life?", than you can't miss it! We wrap things up with a famous freemason. App extras include a wallpaper for your mobile device and the paper we read on the show. Thanks for listening and have a tremendous week!



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  1. It is once for a man to die then judgment. That's what the bible says so how does reincarnation for in with this. I just don't understand. It seem that reincarnation goes against the reason Jesus died on the cross and the resurrection. Please explain.
    James Chambers
    S.W. Hartsville 113


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