Whence Came You? - 206 - The Survey

Join us this week as we discuss in detail the early bird results of the survey we just completed. 10 questions about why you joined, what you expected when you joined, what your gripes are, what we can do to fix things and all manner of other questions. Over 1070 people answered the call to make freemasonry better by answering these questions. For our listeners, the results are here, everyone else has to wait until we print them through the Midnight Freemasons. So sit back and enjoy hearing what other brothers had to say about our Fraternity, the greatest in the world. App extras include a mobile Masonic wallpaper. Have ana amazing week everyone! Thanks for listening!



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  1. The content of the survey was very interesting. What I felt confusing was the presentation of statistical data in the podcast. First of all, a survey with a sample size of roughly 1000 does not have a precision of .01%. The last digit is merely due to the sample size being slightly larger than 1000. Second, in an oral presentation nobody is interested in the decimal places. A presentation with rounded numbers would have been much more clear.


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