Whence Came You? - 0229 - Star Wars and Freemasonry

Join us this week for a look at the similarities between Freemasonry and arguably the most popular film franchise in the history of...well, ever. Star Wars. Frater O and talk on everything and as usual go a bit off topic, but it's fun. I hope you all enjoy. We wrap with a Freemason. App extras include a Masonic wallpaper for your mobile device. Thanks for listening and have an amazing week!


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The Esoterics of Star Wars

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  1. Something I don't think you touched on was the actual contents of the Force and its relation to Masonry. As Freemasonry, we strive for the Light, but our Light is knowledge, gnosis, it is not the Light-side of the Force. The Force is all-encompassing, all-penetrating, all-knowing, and the whole of it, Light and Dark, is in that sense the G.A.O.T.U. subtracting any personification. I described on my blogpost My Masonic Journey Pt. V: Fiat Lux (http://freshfromthequarry.com/2015/06/29/my-masonic-journey-pt-v/) how the Force in the Star Wars universe is similar to the conceptions of the good and bad inclinations of Judaism: Yetzer HaTov and Yetzer HaRa. These are not so much "GOOD" and "BAD" as they are natural inclinations, philosophical in nature, and it is important to maintain moderation between the two. We must be the Balance to the Force. The problem arises when one goes to extremes on one side or the other, they are not circumscribing themselves. Anakin, as the Chosen One who was to bring Balance to the Force, is the Compasses, as he should be circumscribing himself to maintain balance from both the extremes of Light and Dark represented by the Jedi and the Sith. Jedi represent limitations we put on ourselves that disallow growth and understanding of our true natures, while Sith focus too much on themselves disallowing them to understand our true nature, which is that all things are connected within the Force.


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