Whence Came You? - 00306 - Not a Membership Problem

Join us this week for a great episode featuring a wonderful piece by Adam Thayer on a new way to look at the so called "membership problem". Ill. Bro. Harrison also stops by with a great piece on the Masonic Minute. Don't miss it! App extras include the piece we read as well as a Masonic wallpaper for your mobile device. Thank for listening and have an amazing week!


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  1. Our Lodge is strongly focused on education. I can directly attest to it working. Our officer core are all - ALL - under 50, except for our WM, who is widely regarded and respected as an influential mentor.

    Our membership is strong. It wasn't, however, when our focus was only on that. It changed in a major way when we finally threw our hands up in surrender to the reality that our numbers weren't what they used to be. Once it was out of the way, we finally looked at what WE wanted - and that was education.

    Lo and behold - our numbers rose. 11 EAs. In one year. In a town under 200,000 people.

    As they say. The proof is in the pudding.

    Keep up the good work.

    And yes please. No one-day referrals!

    1. I love hearing about the successes. Thanks bro!


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