Whence Came You? - 0403 - The Baphomet

This week we're talking about that wild and crazy symbol, the
Baphomet! Where did it come from? Is it just made up symbolism? Shock value? Maybe all of the above? Find out this week! App extras include the papers we read on the show! Thanks for listening and have an amazing week!

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  1. Bro. Johnson:

    If it has already been mentioned, I apologize as I can't find where I can see posted comments. You referred to the Church of Satan, but you were actually describing The Satanic Temple. The Church of Satan, while using the same iconography, is a separate entity which was founded by Anton LaVey. TST is a newer organization founded by Lucien Greaves, and as described is more of a political movement. They did, however, win recognition as a religious organization and are now tax exempt (lol).


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