Presentation Schedule

Prepared Topics:

-The Masonic Pub Crawl
Freemasonry In America And Its Colonial Tavern Beginnings
40 minutes

-Esoterics 101 (Pt 1 Quantum Lectures)

All about the beginning concepts of the deeper aspects of Freemasonry. Do you want to expose your lodge gently to a whole new world? This is your presentation. This is the first part in a series of lectures that breaches the merger or science and mysticism. 20-40 minutes depending on Q&A

-The Tetragrammaton [The Lost Word] (Part 2 Quantum Lectures)
This presentation is all about the lost word, string theory, and mythology! It is the second installment of the Quantum Lecture series. 50 minutes

-Quantum Entanglement and Apotheosis (Pt 3 Quantum Lectures)
This lecture focuses on the spooky world of physics, the explanation of apotheosis and the divine secret as it relates to world religions and is also explained through quantum entanglement!
40 minutes

-Connecting Masons through Technology 
This lecture teaches lodges whats needed and what;s seen as important in the 21st century in Freemasonry. How to connect, how to be seen, how to be discovered and staying relevant in the digital world. Optional work shops on social media, web site creation etc can be scheduled. 
20-30 minutes

-Memphis Misraim a History
This presentation goes through the "who, what and where" of the ancient and primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim. Great historical info! 
30-40 minutes

-Finding Truth - How to do Masonic Research
In this one, I focus on what you need to do to establish yourself as an authority in Masonic writing! 
30 minutes with Q&A

-Long Been in Darkness 
An Exploration of Traditional Candidate Preparation
20-30 minutes


February 22/23, Kadisha #1002, Kadisha, Lebanon - Esoterica 101

March 19th, Gateway #40, St. Louis MO - TBD

March 30th, Victorville Lodge #634, Victorville, CA - Esoterics 101

April 3rd - Kansas Lodge of Research - Virtual Conference - Long Been in Darkness: Traditional Candidate Preparation.

April 27th, Ezekiel Bates, Attleboro, MA - Masonic Con (Not Speaking Just hanging out!)

May 4thMidwest Conference on Masonic Education (Not Speaking Just hanging out!)

May 16th, Millburn Lodge #127, Lake Villa IL - Esoterics 101

May 27th, Mt Zion Chapter 16, Atlanta, GA - The Word (Quantum Pt. 2)

May 28th,  Gate City # 2, Atlanta, GA - Colonial Freemasonry

May 31st, Lake Shore #307, Madison, Ohio

June 15th, Mid -Atlantic Esoteric-Con - Manasseh Lodge #182, Manasseh VA - Premier of Quantum Entanglement and Apotheosis

July 13th, South Pasadena Masonic-Con - Moderating several panel discussions.

August 8th-11,  Camp Masonry, Toledo OH.

August 13th, Oriental Lodge No. 33, Chicago, IL - An Exploration of the Chamber of Reflection

September 21, Lodge of the Nine Sisters No. 773, Raleigh, North Carolina

October 3rd-5th, Springfield, IL - Grand Lodge Sessions IL - (Not Speaking, just hanging out!)

October 12th, Colorado Masonic Symposium - Esoterics 101

I'm super flexible with presentations and events. Just shoot me an email. I only ask for lodging and travel if over a certain distance.


  1. Hey RW RJ! Just wanted to follow up on our FB messenger discussion. Wondering if you could come present at Henry Knox Field-John Blair Lodge #349, in Alexandria, VA on May 14.


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