Lodge Listing U.S. (Beta)

This is a BETA version of an excel based Lodge Finder. All lodges listed are pulled directly from the respective Grand Lodge Websites at the end of 2017. Simply click on a state abbreviation to begin sorting.  There are a handful of states not in the tool yet. I will be updating this periodically. If a state is in the tool, then all lodges within that state should be here.

*Note* If there are no lodges listed for a particular state, it is because the Grand Lodge of that state has not provided a listing on their website which was easily put into Excel. If you have a list of lodges for your state and it isn't in this tool, please consider sending it to me so I may complete this for all the brothers in the U.S.A. This can be used in place of other ways since it's digital, web based, easily updated, free, and no installation needed. Thank you and enjoy!


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