Masonic Curators

Welcome to Masonic Curators, where we preserve history through story telling! I'm so proud to announce this new venture of the WCY podcast and I hope you are equally as excited to be a part of it.

Each week episodes, that's right, I said episodes, will be released. Since the beginning I've been asked to do something closer to a daily release of Masonic content. Between the main podcast (Whence Came You?), cohosting The Masonic Roundtable, Midnight Freemasons and Masonic Radio Theatre, my hands have been hard at work trying to bring all of you meaningful content related to the Craft.

I believe in Freemasonry as a way of life and that it should be a part of our daily lives. So to do this, I have decided to make the necessary steps to bring something new to the mix. This is Masonic Curators! The goal will be to release a few episodes each week and eventually one every day! A short 2-5 minute video will explore a Masonic item, it's story, history and how I came to be in it's possession.

The best part about this is that we will be able to complete these videos any time and any place. For instance, if I'm traveling to Grand Lodge and I meet a brother with an interesting item, we can start an episode right then and bring it to you all!

It is my hope that you all enjoy this addition to our WCY umbrella of Masonic education and that you share these with your friends, family and brothers.

Below you will see a sample of the work we will be compiling. However, visit the website for all the episodes!, or click the logo above!

Teaser Trailer - HD

Episode 1


  1. I throughly enjoy the new Masonic Curators! Thank you so much to all who contribute to the show.

  2. Bro! So glad you're enjoying! Thanks for watching!


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