The Great Books Program

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The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences encompass much. Perpetual learning in a classical sense is something we're called to as Freemasons. Because of this, I am proud to start a new relationship with Brother Scott Hambrick who has created one of the most interesting and engaging ways to enjoy the Great Books Program. 

If you're interested in developing a habit of reading classic books by authors like Homer, Nietzsche, Cicero, Spinoza and more, than click the link or the banner above. 

The Online Great Books Program is designed to help you develop a regular habit of reading the great books. 

Weekly reading goals, with reminders, accountability tools and best of all, a dedicated community of fellow readers will help keep you on track and on schedule with your reading.

Each month the program will ship a carefully selected edition of one of the great books directly to your home. It begins with Homer and progresses through the works of Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Shakespeare, all the way through the moderns. 

each month you'll meet in a two hour video conference to discuss your text with a small community of readers in a Socratic Seminar hosted by a trained interlocutor. 

This whole program check-in and reading goals system is designed to help you progress through the great books with just three one hour reading sessions each week!

If you're interested in developing a lifelong habit of reading and studying the great books, click the link or the banner above and enter the promo code WCY for %25 off your first three months!

The program has limited space, so if you want to get in on the next class, don't wait!

Thanks for supporting the WCY Podcast!


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